Not Healing from Chronic Pain Fast Enough?

Here’s something to consider, from a pain recovery therapist.

When you’re on a journey of recovery from chronic pain, it’s easy to get focused on symptom reduction and how fast (or slow) it’s going. And that’s completely understandable. Anyone who’s experienced chronic pain can relate, including me.⁠

AND… the further you get into the journey, the more you start to discover that chronic pain recovery is only one layer of your journey — one player on the team, so to speak.⁠

There are so many other layers that are interwoven with the chronic pain layer. Layers like… relationship patterns, emotional patterns, career patterns, ancestral trauma and healing, philosophical evolution, spiritual awakening, and on and on and…⁠

But before you start getting overwhelmed with all of the layers, here’s the beautiful thing:⁠

As we start to heal and grow in ANY single one of those layers, it moves the whole entire journey along.⁠

Sometimes, symptom reduction is the frontrunner. It moves quickly while other layers move slowly — and that’s totally OK! Other layers will progress at their own pace in the tailwind of symptom reduction.⁠

And sometimes, symptom reduction is slowwwww. Sometimes it’s at the back of the pack. But guess what: Other layers are moving ahead! Maybe relationship patterns are healing, or self-acceptance is blooming, or career patterns are shifting…

Everything is moving at its own pace. AND, every player that moves ahead eventually pulls the other players with it. Because healing is not a solo mission. It’s not just about pain symptom reduction. It is a collaborative, interwoven team sport.⁠

And like with any team sport, some players will be faster and others slower. But each one is moving at its right pace. And each one has a very special role to play in supporting the other teammates.⁠

Like soccer, it’s a “beautiful game.” And when we look at it that way — instead of fixating on how slow one player is — the team can do amazing and beautiful things together.⁠ ⁠ Your healing journey is unique and perfect. Exactly as it is. 💖

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