The Vulnerable Truth About Being a Chronic Pain Recovery Coach

photo: Adeline Artistry

Dear reader,

I had a mystical experience while I was preparing to open the doors to my group coaching for passionate creatives healing from chronic pain (enrollment has now closed, but you can find out more here.) I want to share this experience with you, because it’s so relevant to the essence of what the program is all about!

As I was getting really close to the launch date, I was hit with a wave of daily headaches that lasted for about a week. And they culminated in one headache that brought me to a full stop — something I really didn’t want to do right in the middle of everything I was working to prepare for the program launch!

But when my nervous system speaks to me in un-ignorable ways, I have no choice but to listen. So, instead of going hard on tech setup for the launch like I’d planned to that day, I stopped everything, deleted my to-do list, and took a bath with lavender salt and soothing music. And while I was lying in the bathtub, knowing that I’d given myself permission to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, I had what felt like an otherworldly “download.”

It hit me: I was experiencing exactly what my program is designed to support people with!

I realized that a surge of fear was coming up inside of me about the launch. But it wasn’t the same as previous fears that I’ve experienced about putting my voice out there in public, which have been mostly about imposter syndrome.

This time, the fear was different: I was experiencing feelings of guilt about my passion. I felt guilty that I was so passionate about creating the program and launching it — guilty that I’d been devoting so much of my time and energy to my passion instead of to my family, our household, etc.

And this mantra came to me as I was draining the bathwater out of the bath — a mantra that I spontaneously found myself saying in the bathroom out loud to myself over and over and over again:

“The guilt that was wrapped around my passion is now flowing down the drain. And I gather up my circle of peers and cheerleaders to support me as I continue to expand into my passion.”

It truly felt like I was casting a spell!

I had to share this with you, because wrapped up in this story are so many of the things that the program delves into…

For example:

👉 Healing happens when you release your demands and expectations of your body and start listening to what your body needs from you instead.

👉 Trusting our inner wisdom is infinitely more powerful than following “the rulebook,” whatever we believe the rulebook to be.

👉 It’s when we allow ourselves the safety in which to be vulnerable that our tightly wound, chronic patterns are able to start gently unwinding themselves.

Does any of this resonate with you? If you’re curious to learn more, you can check out my free introductory workshop From Pain to Passion and learn…

  • The one paradigm shift that will completely change the way you think about pain and set you on track to break out of the chronic cycle.
  • How to use simple mind-body techniques to interrupt the chronic cycle and reclaim your energy so you can live the creative life of your dreams!
  • How I healed from over a decade of chronic migraines and turned my entire life around through the 4 pillars of chronic pain recovery.
  • The exact next steps to transforming your symptoms from the overwhelming headline of your life to a manageable footnote.

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