How To Choose the Right Path for Chronic Pain Recovery

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This is for those who worry about whether or not they’re pursuing the “right” treatment plan for chronic pain.

The truth is, there is no single method or treatment that has worked for every single person who’s tried it. That’s the truth. So what path would you follow if you KNEW that the outcome was not guaranteed?

I’ll share with you what I chose and what helped me heal from chronic migraines — which doesn’t have to be what you choose or what’s right for you.

I chose as-needed pain meds. I did not choose daily pain meds. I chose diving into mind-body pain education through the Curable app, Dr. Howard Schubiner’s book, Nicole Sachs’s podcast, Dr. John Stracks’s discussion group, and many other resources. I did not choose getting a brain scan. I chose journaling. I did not choose Botox injections. I chose community support in mind-body Facebook groups. I initially tried medically-minded support groups, found it wasn’t for me, and chose to leave them. I chose to trust mind-body healing. I did not choose further medical inquiry.

What do you choose? It doesn’t have to be what I choose. I believe that whether we follow a path that we are actively choosing or a path that we are merely complying with (despite the protests of our intuition) has a huge impact on whether our body will respond by accepting the treatment as healing or rejecting it as invasive.

Choose the path that your intuition is pulling you toward. Whatever path that is. Your intuition knows a hell of a lot more about you than anyone else ever could, regardless of the fancy letters after their name. And anyone who can truly help you in your healing journey will readily acknowledge this fact. 💗

Sending warmth, encouragement and infinite belief in you,

💖 Anna

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