A Sticky Wicket in Chronic Pain Recovery

Consistency can be one of the trickiest concepts for those who are on the journey of chronic pain recovery.

👉 On the one hand, consistency is important when we’re shifting our neural pathways: from old patterns of fear and helplessness that perpetuate pain >> to new patterns of empowerment and self-trust that facilitate recovery.

Having a consistent, daily practice of checking in with yourself (whether it’s through journaling, meditation, tapping, yoga, all of the above or something else) can do wonders for developing self-trust.

👉 On the other hand, the idea of consistency can bring on old habits of perfectionism and pressure — and those habits amplify fear and feed into our pain patterns.

Sooo… how to untangle this whole consistency conundrum?

1. Go easy on yourself.

2. Keep offering yourself the invitation to come back to your mind-body practice at any time.

3. Remember that the work is cumulative — even if you “fall off the wagon” for a while, the muscle memory that you build each time you practice gets stored in your memory bank!

4. Remember that the goal is building self-trust and feelings of safety — and that consistency will help build trust and safety, but becoming your own drill sergeant will probably not. (Unless being yelled at gives you the warm fuzzies 😅)

5. If it feels like a chore, stop, take a break and try something different instead! Creating new habits takes patience — but forcing something that feels burdensome will not help your nervous system feel safe.

6. Start small and keep it simple. This is just about developing self-trust. Maybe the daily ritual you start with is saying “I love you” to yourself while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning!

Here’s a handy flip-through infographic to help you remember why consistency is useful: It’s not about getting a gold star 🌟 for achievement, it’s about deepening your relationship with you. 💗

You’ve got this! Sending warmth, support and confidence in you.

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